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What is CRYOGEN-X4?

Cryogen-X4 is an advanced, multi-patented state of the art molecular nanotechnology in liquid form designed and manufactured to boost the cooling performance and improve the cooling performance of any HVAC system.

Our product has been proven to dramatically increase cooling efficiency across thousands of units for many Fortune 500 companies around the world with numerous laboratory tests and performance endorsements.

We accomplish this by addressing the main factors of cooling performance drop offs such as thermal degradation from oil film buildup, lubrication issues, increased friction and wear and tear as well as increased run time.



Cryogen-X4 is installed while the system is running and requires no modifications or alterations to the system. Cryogen-X4 is the latest and most effective solution derived from 30 years of advanced technologies we brought to the market.

Cryogen X4 is the most advanced patented HVAC thermal transfer technology for restoring lost capacity and improving system efficiency while extending equipment life.

Over 25-years ago, Tri-S Corporation founder Tony Sgarbi developed the first ever successful technologies in the thermal transfer restoration market and has remained the unquestioned leader to this day. In 2015, Mr. Sgarbi developed his fourth-generation family of technologies under the brand name CryogenX4, specifically CryogenX4-TTT and CryogenX4-ACT. Following two years of thorough laboratory and field testing, these revolutionary new technologies were made available for installation in late 2017.

The CryogenX4 family of technologies combine the best aspects of the Tri-S Corporation’s four previously patented technologies (Permafrost was the 3rd generation technology) with the very latest in chemical engineering breakthroughs to create the most effective HVAC system thermal transfer restoration technologies ever produced. Used in tandem, these technologies create a fully optimized “push-pull” heat transfer flow that restores lost cooling capacity while improving system efficiency and extending equipment life.

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"From research and design to development and implementation -- we leverage sound business strategy to ensure the best performance."
Tony Sgarbi

Inventor of CRYOGEN X4

The history of our groundbreaking product

With years of experience in this field along with several patents, Sgarbi developed the most advanced and most efficient product yet: CRYOGEN-X4. this latest product line with improved chemical compositions and a broad range of additional performance benefits, is the answer for today's high tech HVAC systems.

First Generation

In 1990, The first generation of HVAC performance enhancement technology was brought to the market after several years of development and trial. This technology was also tested and approved by the DOE, FEMP for use in all HVAC systems.

Second Generation

In 1994, we introduced the second generation of product with improved chemicals and enhanced performance. The product became a huge success and was approved for global rollout by a fortune 100 corporation. It was used in chillers, DX systems, split units, ice production, ammonia systems, and many other applications.

Third Generation

In 2002, we introduced the third generation of our product. Just like our previous generations, the revolutionary HVAC performance-enhancing product was adopted by many fortune 500 companies and major corporations.

Cryogen X4

In 2017, after years of research, development and modification, we introduced Cryogen X4 — our most effective product ever. With global representations and applications, we became the undisputed leader in this industry.