Cryogen-X4 is installed while the system is running, with no down-time.

Cryogen-X4 installation requires no modifications or alterations to the system.

One-time application of Cryogen-X4 lasts for the life of the unit.

One-time surface treatment technology:

Is not an additive affecting OEM oil or refrigerant characteristics.

Will not void any OEM equipment, oil or refrigerant warranties.

Simply uses refrigerant as a transport vehicle inside a system.

Activates and stabilizes heat exchanger surfaces and improves heat transfer.

Immediately de-couples itself from the system refrigerant.

CRYOGEN-X4® performance:

Proven safe, effective and exceeds chemical, mechanical and industrial performance standards.

Reduces energy usage at the unit by 10-30% and overall energy usage by 5-15%.

Proven in +27,000 installations (+125,000 units) with zero failures and/or damage claims.

Creates nanomagnetic filming protection against metal corrosion and premature wear.

Produces a sustainable Return On Investment (ROI) in months, not years.

Prolongs system life and reduces annual maintenance by 18-22%.

Significantly reduces carbon footprint.